BPM Quotes of the Week - Oct. 10

“Work transition is the silent killer of productivity of every organization. Like a relay race, things quickly fall apart when the transition of the baton between runners falters."
Jim Sinur

“Cearley believes IoT has enormous potential to deliver value to businesses, and said even small sensors that can detect problems in equipment before failure occurs, can save a business thousands of dollars.”
Patrick Thibodeau

From the BPM Forum

“I have never had anyone sufficiently distinguish BPM and Case Management. We have been managing cases since he old workflow days and we continue improve the workplace with BPM. Case Management for me is just a use case for BPM.”
Nicholas Kitson

“Once a process expands to contain the richness of the customer context and lifecycle, it becomes unwieldy and the business visibility disappears.”
Ken Schwarz

“Businesses, users want solutions that help them get the job done better, faster, easier than how they did it before and using the right tool(s), process(es) to do so. This hasn't changed.”
Patrick Lujan

“Customer Experience and Agility are the only areas sustainable competitive advantage. Both require strong process disciplines. Focus on these and the revenue will flow.”
Ian Gotts

“I tend to believe that the only way to consistently drive revenue (and value) is to continue to iterate, prune and refresh your business model.” 
Bogdan Nafornita

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