BPM Quotes of the Week - November 4, 2015

"Aging Software, Business Processes Are Biggest Obstacles to Corporate Innovation"
-Helen Arnold, SAP CIO

From the BPM Forum

“I think Process Mining will play a big role and won't be called process mining as it does. When the products come out that leverage process mining it will be buried behind other names or labels (cognitive computing anyone?) but the hallmarks of process mining will still be there.”
-Scott Francis

Because of better availability of data, (process mining) it might get more useful the next years, but in the end it's just a tool to support process improvement with the common drawback that you improve in the locker room, not during the game.”
-Emeil Kelly

“Most KPIs used in BPM are useful to identify bottlenecks but fail at discovering how those processes are executed. Process mining, if used right, can identify alternative courses, patterns and common mistakes.”
-Maria Paz

“Process mining is good for telling you what people are doing now, not necessarily what people should be doing now. But with the "digitization" of industries the strongest role for process definition is understanding what people should be doing in the future. Creating that blueprint for the future, in process terms takes business owners + (virtual ) conference room + strategic thinking + whiteboard (or tech equivalent).”
-Ian Gotts

“When business, government, customer and citizen requirements include understanding how that work is done, then BPM processes will be made transparent. And that new transparency will result from a combination of social pressure, business partner pressure and government regulation. It will probably take a while.”
-John Morris

“It is irrelevant whether companies want their proprietary or embarassing processes to be public. Perhaps they should be. However, history suggests that sooner or later, someone else is going to commoditise process models whether you like it or not.”
-Peter Hilton