BPM Quotes of the Week - November 2, 2016

"Today, customers are achieving success and ROI with BPM and ODM – processes and decisions. The stories are compelling. Real business impact. On the other hand, the future is taking shape, and it looks like a future with a bit of science fiction made real – an emphasis on software that learns and improves its ability to augment our knowledge work by making suggestions or automating rote decisions."
- Scott Francis

"Automation often gets touted as a way to reduce the number of staff members organizations need to maintain in order to support everyday operations. While there are certainly some settings where this may be true, business process automation in the modern enterprise is focused more on supporting knowledge workers than finding ways to replace them."
- Megan Potrzeba

From the BPM Forum

“I'd say end-to-end processes constitute about 80% of all business functions. But if they are bones of the business, we need cartilage to make it all flexible. That's where the failure to articulate business rules can really hurt.”
- Max Habibi

“End-to-end business processes depicted by consultants as a big flow-chart existed only as illustrations (chimeras?). In the reality, any enterprise is a system of processes [ref1]. Thus any end-to-end solution of Emiel’s problems comprises several separate flow-charts which are coordinated by many different techniques.”
- Dr. Alexander Samarin

“I still see value in the use of E2E, and don't believe it to be dead. However, it may turn out that somethig like CMMN is more appropriate in those cases (rather than BPMN) where dependency on events trumps the ordered sequencing of activties as the more important part of conveying E2E understanding.”
- Lloyd Dugan

“I believe end-to-end gets a bad name because it 'takes too long' and 'is outside of my department'. Comments such as these give quick insights into process maturity and that's where I think the root cause is.”
- Sandeep Johal

"I think Facebook will have a significant impact on the collaborative work of small companies. Pricing is okay, interface is familiar and let's not forget, small companies would more likely have a Facebook page than a website, so they'd just simply jump on Facebook's infrastructure on this one as well."
- Bogdan Nafornita

"We have socialcast, and i hardly see improvements of managing business better by this. So i dont think this will have impact. However I do endorse these tools for knowledge sharing, and can probably replace a big part of all the mails."
- Michel van den Hoven

"As companies still have their knowledge spread in dozens, hundredths, thousands of people, collaborative tools will always help to formalize that knowledge, share it and take advantage of it. Slack does, and Workplace will do."
- Juan J. Moreno

"In an environment of trust and common focus, social can be particularly good at 'surfacing the tacit' -- and that tacit can make the difference between success and failure."
- John Morris

"I was (in my green days :-)) once almost dismissed from a process mapping exercise, since processes - watch it - became too transparent! Now, if that happens, you know you're touching the right pain points..."
- Walter Bril

"Most of us have moved on from end-to-end processes, with objectives conveniently parked at process end nodes, to process fragments where BPM templates\instances do not need to be transparent for most end users."
- Karl Walter Keirstead

"It will be interesting to see how developments like AI and big data intersect with transparency. By their nature, it's an extremely complex proposition to determine in retrospect how a certain decision was reached."
- E. Scott Menter

"Visibility leads to accountability. Visibility enables greater control. Visiblity is the core pillar of BPM."
- Garth Knudson