BPM Quotes of the Week - November 17, 2015

“Uber and Airbnb are of course attention-grabbing, because they’ve used digital technologies to enable them to grow fast and serve massive customer bases – by co-ordinating external resources and managing market information (matching supply and demand) in new, more efficient ways. But digital technologies are also important because they can enable large, established organisations to act small, at scale.”
-Neil Ward-Dutton

“As UI designers, we have a tendency to presume a UI is the solution to every new design problem. If anything, the AI revolution will force us to reset our presumption on what it means to design for interaction. It will push us to leave our comfort zone and look at the bigger picture, bringing our focus on the design of the experience rather than the actual screen.”
-Tony Aube

“All this points to new top-management imperatives: keep an eye on the speed and direction of automation, for starters, and then determine where, when, and how much to invest in automation. Making such determinations will require executives to build their understanding of the economics of automation, the trade-offs between augmenting versus replacing different types of activities with intelligent machines, and the implications for human skill development in their organizations.”
-Michael Chui

From the BPM Forum

“Will everyone be building their own apps? No, I don't believe it will ever be 'easy enough' for anyone to do it.”
-Craig Willis

“There are Applications and there are Applications.....the risk comes when people believe it’s easy to write their own, the chance that there will be a proliferation of poorly thought out Applications under the BPM umbrella. I am all for Agile and Empowerment, but there is also the need for a level of consistency and coordination.”
-Geoff Hook

“Most users simply want ‘an app’ that does what they need it to do, but we have all seen enough feral ms-access and ms-excel ‘apps’ out there to know that a sizeable number of people do build their own apps. And what a bloody nightmare that turns out to be. These home grown apps are like rats that are made of asbestos. They breed like crazy and are really difficult to eradicate.”
-Gary Barnett

“What I believe is that many people in organizations will configure, change and guide applications using model driven approaches. I also believe that the average citizen will customize their own experience with applications therefore extending them (not creating them out of the ether).”
-Jim Sinur

“Figure out all the reasons why you shouldn't do software development, and if you still need to do it, then work hard to make a sustainable programme, a programme that makes sense for your business model. And then build your custom software first of all around BPM (and rules and data).”
-John Morris

“I think, we still do know how to design and implement enterprise-wide systems. But “slightly” differently than in the traditional way.”
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

“Organizations use BPM to rise to opportunities wherever they arise: back office, sales, customer-facing, etc. To the extent such opportunities involve multiple processes, one might reasonably choose to decompose the problem into bite-sized chunks, because, well, that's how complex problems are best addressed.”
-Scott Menter

“Lots of customers tend to focus on a single process pilot. But the real benefit is when you go wider, if you have the right team to do it.”
-Scott Francis