BPM Quotes of the Week - November 15, 2018

Phil Ryan"While big data will prove transformative for business it will do so only if it is linked to actual business processes."
-Phil Ryan


"The customer experience is a living, breathing and changing asset that needs constant attention. New channels and new technologies are one thing, but how customer expectations are morphing over time also need to be considered."
-Jim Sinur

"While almost all IT leaders we speak with are feeling the pressure to execute on digital transformation strategies, many still haven’t been able to declare victory on the projects they rolled out a year ago because their internal operations aren’t working properly (or don’t exist) and adoption is lagging as a result."
-John Knightly

From the BPM Forum

Is Intelligent Automation the Future of BPM and RPA?

"The natural evolution is making processes smarter. People reconfigured process and managed underlying technology platforms as such but with significant strides in AI and technology capability, changes will be made more and more on the fly by technology."
-Stuart Chandler

"The BPM community needs to move from (BP)M to B(P)M - this would set the stage for blending in AI."
-Karl Walter Keirstead

"Feeding data driven events back into processes with either pre-made or ad-hoc scenario handlers, in order to proactively adjust process flows and/or business rules towards accomplishing a dynamic set of business goals, is not only feasible by today's state of BPM technologies but also represents one of the most underutilized capacities of almost any current BPM initiative."
-Kay Winkler

"Intelligent automation will for sure have a role in BPM, but an organization must first ensure it has proper business process governance in place."
-Caspar Jans

"The way IT has evolved in the silo dis-functional techie way it is quite likely AI will be just a one off 'task' installed without the recognition of those surrounding people-tasks where the data used and created for the end to end Business Process."
-David Chassels