BPM Quotes of the Week - November 10, 2015

“According to research firm Forrester, which coined the term low-code, the driving factor behind the rise of low-code platforms is the pressing need for companies to deliver and adapt high volumes of new apps fast, combined with dwindling developer resources to hand-code the overabundance of new applications.”
-John Reynolds

“Show me someone who says Change is easy, and I’ll show you a liar.”
-Zach Messler

“Digital business is a leverage of available and emerging resources to compete effectively to win temporal or permanent loyalty of all the parties that you do business with.”
-Jim Sinur

From the BPM Forum

“Processes are the greatest enabler of innovation. Because innovation without execution is just empty dreams.”
-Ian Gotts

What Do Businesses Underestimate the Most About BPM? “They typically underestimate the need to simply discover and explain the process to themselves. They underestimate how important this is, as well as how much they will have to learn. People working in a company (that is more than half competent) generally believe they understand the process that they are doing. In practice, few people understand the detail for more than their part of the process, plus a vague understanding a few other parts.”
-Keith Swenson

“Most overlooked is the power of BPM to go beyond simple automation of manual processes. BPM technology may have started out as a "process improvement" vehicle, but its real power lies in its potential to completely transform the way your business works.”
-E. Scott Menter

“Processes DO exist and thrive even in the most creative environments... what is killing innovation is the mind-numbing approach to making processes explicit in their most painfully slow and rigid incarnations.”
-Bogdan Nafornita

“When you ask programmers why they work this way, they commonly say, ‘We do not have time to do things right.’ Translation: ‘We have plenty of time to do things wrong.’”
-Tim Bryce

”Business needs to continue the cycle of continues improvement, as software ages and becomes obsolete so do processes and by not identifying this you become resistance to change.
-Abdulazeez Sadeqi