BPM Quotes of the Week - Nov. 22

If you think that user experience and Business Process Management are two separate things, I think you should reconsider.
-Thomas Stoesser

New approaches to leverage free and emerging processes will also be evolving. The power of BPM technology to dynamically adapt will be harnessed over the next few years to keep pace with business needs.
-Jim Sinur

Some of the worst work on the worst projects I've ever seen has been achieved primarily due to the laser focus on creating phone book sized documents of "detailed business requirements". Our reliance on them is a slavery to an old religion of business that needs to end.
-Craig Reid

Few organizations explicitly use culture as a way to drive business performance, or even believe it could make sense to do so. The logic usually works the other way — make specific changes in processes, and then hope that, gradually, the culture will change.
-Brad Power

It means IBM is going to attempt to sell Smarter Process to COOs, while at the same time tying its offerings into client’s agendas around customer-centricity and customer experience excellence. It’s going to need to tell stories that bring in consulting capabilities from its own teams and those of its partners, as well as from its technology.
-Neil Ward-Dutton

From the BPM Forum

Increasingly businesses will side step the BPMs and choose process apps instead that may include built in workflow, BPM and Case functionality.
-Peter Whibley

Healthcare is like a very large insular country that’s been closed off from the rest of the world for a long time but now is opening up. The same forces -- social, mobile, analytics and cloud -- affecting many industries, are also affecting healthcare.
-Charles Webster

CEO's need to be taught that process has it's rightful place in the boardroom agenda, but as an industry we need to change the broken record to do it.
-Theo Priestley

Are you familiar with "Airport Management"? This occurs when a C-Suite executive goes to the airport and picks up a business magazine and the cover is touting some sort of something...So the real question is, How can we get BPM on the cover of our major business magazines?
-Kirk J. Gould

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