BPM Quotes of the Week - Nov 19, 2014

“All major BPM software vendors will shift to focus on process apps. Heightened customer and employee expectations for rapid process change will shine a bright light on the need to reduce lengthy analysis and design times typically associated with BPM.”
Clay Richardson

“If you’re looking for ROI from your BPM environment, the ROI is in the process improvements, not in recreating your non-process web-app in a new technology stack designed for processes.”
Prashant Gadgil

From the BPM Forum

“The biggest mistake that I see organisations and consultants make is not starting the reporting analysis early enough, it's always left till last and therefore gets squeezed. You need to start the analysis up front; who wants it, who needs it, and for what purpose will it be used, operational or strategic.”
Nicholas Kitson

“There needs to be a business case for the analysis. A ‘use case’ isn't enough. If analysis is just considered to be a ‘feature of a BPM project’, that's a use case. In such circumstances, analysis will be underfunded, and usually is. And analysis is an ‘infrastructure business case’, i.e. requiring the most senior level of commitment.”
John Morris

“Process mining is important not only for process discovery, but also for reality checks. Real time process mining shows you what stupid decisions you took at design time in your BPMS.”
Bogdan Nafornita

“I find (sharing process knowledge) a process unto itself, distilled basically as: Observe, Interview, Validate, Publish (repeat).”
Steve Weissman

“The best way to exchange process information? Capture it from the horses mouth, capture it as deeply as possible, link to other information and govern the levels of those processes from thoughts to working to guidelines for work today. And, keep it ever-green.”
George Chast