BPM Quotes of the Week - May 9, 2016

"Industry 4.0 is ushering in sweeping changes to manufacturing, making it transparent, highly dynamic, and flexible . The factory of the future operates autonomously: it can organize itself and its processes and solve any malfunctions or problems without the need for human intervention."
-Verena Majuntke

From the BPM Forum

"Without great processes, small businesses will always stay small businesses."
-Ian Gotts

"Contrary to some's opinions the client themselves, even the people who directly participate in a process, don't always know the process as well as they think they do, much less a given process from end-to-end…(Process Modeling) is one way to know what's going on, why things work they way they do and what opportunities may exist for doing them better."
-Patrick Lujan

"It's amazing how well a simple process model can help with communication. You may not be talking specifically about the process, but it acts as a point of reference around which other conversations can take place"
-Craig Willis

"A well-designed and well-explained model that is actually executable in a process engine goes a long way into having the customer not only discover their own requirements (huge problem in software projects), but clarify how the system will actually help them in the to-be scenario. This is huge and removes a lot of friction during the development, testing and acceptance phases of the implementation effort."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"Most SMEs want to grow, but the main problem is the growing pains involved. More BPM = more efficiencies, better co-ordination, easier scaling."
-Tim Stephenson

"Thanks to bpmPaaS and BPM-driven SaaS solutions, small businesses have a great opportunity, previously denied them, to take advantage of sophisticated BPM capabilities without the capital investment and time needed to set up an in-house solution."
-E. Scott Menter