BPM Quotes of the Week - May 9

“I see so few real-world processes that fit into the purely structured or the purely unstructured ends of the spectrum: almost everything lies somewhere in the middle, where there is a mix of both.”
Sandy Kemsley

“If an organization is just interested in maintaining their cherished best practices and not challenging themselves by constantly searching for a better way, they will wind up on a bad path.”
Jim Sinur

“Processes come in all flavors, from straight-through to structured workflow to completely ad hoc activities, and in fact real business processes probably include bits of all of these. You should not need separate middleware platforms to handle each bit. That is so obvious, only the vendors don’t see it!”
Bruce Silver

From the BPM Forum

“Even something that sounds simple like ‘streamline for cost efficiency’ becomes clouded the more people have a vested interest and end to end processes tend to touch many users, owners and departments. Start small, drop in, scale out.”
Theo Priestly

“In the same way that every single business executive learns the fundamentals of accounting at some point in their career, in the future, every single executive will learn the basics of the technology and management of process modeling and process execution.”
John Morris

“It's amazing just how differently managers and executives view the work their people perform than the people themselves do.So you have to start by triangulating in on the truth -- only then can you begin to figure out what changes you want to make!”
Stevie Weissman

“This is actually the essential beauty of BPM: unlike many other enterprise software solutions, BPM can be deployed tactically.”
E. Scott Menter

“An artist draws a sketch. Puts a grid over it. Then draws each square, from the sketch, at the larger scale. That's the way to do big projects - a sub-process at a time, from the end-to-end sketch.”
Peter Johnston

“In the end, the ‘big project’ should be thought of as a table top puzzle exercise. If success is defined as the picture on the box cover, then good luck with that approach and sustaining interest in such an outcome. On the other hand, if success is defined as finding the corner pieces, similarly shaped pieces, same-colored pieces, etc., then local progress accumulates to being global process pretty cleanly.”
Lloyd Dugan

“The essential beauty of BPM is that (unlike many other enterprise-wise software initiatives) BPM can improve the enterprise INCREMENTALLY with the pace of the business and in accordance with the business priorities.”
Dr. Alexandar Samarin

“If you approach a process with a limited scope in mind then the process design would be bad and will require expensive rework rather soon. I've seen such attempts many times: BPMN diagrams with messages coming from nowhere, "processes" that are really subprocesess etc.”
Anatoly Belychook

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