BPM Quotes of the Week - May 5, 2015

“Changing your process because you have access to a faster database is the wrong place to start. Transformation should start with the customer, not the limitations of tools deployed. Anything else is just folly.”
David Brakoniecki

“Many BPM software vendors are now discovering that they need to add more capabilities to their BPM platform. While modeling and business rules are great, that alone is not sufficient. Why? Because a large part of the value of BPM suites comes from being able to coordinate, collaborate, and execute all of the work—not just the structured process piece of the work.”
Connie Moore

“Swarming resources can be guided and controlled by big meta data that allows process managers and participants to trust these resources and combinations of resources to create desired results without violating governance policies and rules.”
Jim Sinur

“Internet of Things (IoT) is not just about standalone ‘smart objects,’ it is about a wave of ‘smart connected objects.’ That’s because smart objects cannot collaborate or share data or trigger actions to other devices or systems. The key to connecting these smart objects will be process and orchestration – two things BPM was invented for.”
Philippe Ozil

From the BPM Forum

“Most companies have both structured and no-structured cases and want one technology solution. That is the challenge for the vendors.”
Ian Gotts

“The biggest challenge to Case Management is complexity (design and integration). Complexity obviously results higher costs. This complexity is only going to get worse, not better as the number of business applications, formally and informally sourced, within an enterprise increase.”
Peter Whibley

“Schematically, classic BPM is strong coordination and ACM is weak coordination. Ideally, the users should be able switch between different level of coordination (like with the gear box) without buying another tool with different terminology/practices.”
Dr. Alexander Samarin

“Always see process as a means. Not as a goal. Because if you mix up goals and means, you will end up playing fabulous soccer. And lose every game.”
Emiel Kelly

“Process, like anything else, is only as good as the people executing it.”
Patrick Lujan

“Even an appropriate amount of process focus can lead you the wrong way. Optimize a process until it is very efficient and effective internally - but neglect the impact it has on your customers - and you may find that customers take their business elsewhere.”
Scott Francis

“Over-reaction and mandates can create stacks of processes for the sake of having processes, whether they are intuitive or useful or even necessary. This is what we call "red tape"--the downfall of bureaucracy--and it can exist in a BPM product just like it did when processes still involved paper and TPS reports.”
Amy Barth