BPM Quotes of the Week - May 4, 2016

"BPM solutions have expanded into mobile app development platforms housed in the cloud and process automation suites. They can fuel innovation in every part of your business, but taking advantage of this functionality may hinge on you looking beyond the tech hype."
-Megan Potrzeba

From the BPM Forum

"Putting a good Case Manager in charge of a Case seems to have the greatest impact on improving outcomes."
-Karl Walter Keirstead

"Between the fully imperative modeling style of BPMN, and the checklist, there is room for a declarative modeling style that states what can not be done (excludes certain transitions) but otherwise allows anything else, including doing nothing."
-Keith Swenson

"Business people want business language and nothing else. Their notation must be a context sensitive rule language editor in which they can define and execute commands, write decisions and describe goals and map variable data in a simple syntax...All other modeling will simply go the way of other non-user friendly stuff."
-Max J. Pucher

"It is pretty obvious to me that CMMN will never achieve liftoff. Lloyd may have the spec on his side re official BPMN operational semantics, but honestly these fine points are in the parts of the standard that BPMS vendors ignore anyway in the effort to build something that works."
-Bruce Silver

"BPM is the technology of work automation; at its core is process language, or more specifically at this time 'technical process notation'. The fact that these notations are currently inexpressive for the purpose and aggravating for managers to use should not be seen as anything more than technological immaturity. There's a huge win waiting for whoever can deliver the business process management automation technology that business needs."
-John Morris

How Big of a Role Do You See Decision Management Playing in BPM? "Pretty big. Processes don't change near as often as business rules and there's nothing logical about business rules."
-Patrick Lujan

"In a digital enterprise, the business decision will be the single most expensive business activity, as it will mostly be done by humans after all relevant information and events have been processed and exposed by machines. So the focus will eventually move towards enhancing the relevance and timeliness (and therefore lowering the cost) of decisions."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"The process is simpler once decisions are externalized and managed separately. Modeling decision making in processes is often complex and makes for a complex, messy, over-gateway'd process."
-James Taylor