BPM Quotes of the Week - May 27, 2015

“Mobile isn’t just ‘desktop light’ – and organisations that fail to grasp the impact on working cultures, behaviours, and expectations brought about by the combination of social, mobile, BYOD, and consumerised IT will fail to reap benefits that collaboration tools optimised for mobility can truly bring.”
-Angela Ashenden

From the BPM Forum

“80% of the results can be achieved with 20% of the BPM software product 'sfunctionality.”
-Ian Gotts

“20% of business processes are responsible for 80% of business activities, independently whether are being done manually or automated.”
-Jose Camacho

“80% of all business processes can be constructed from about 20 business patterns.”
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

“The 80% is the easy part, it's the commodity part of what you do. But the last mile is where you define the unique semantics and ways of doing business that earn you your margins. Do you want to go beyond a level playing field with the competition?”
-John Morris

Where does BPM need to be improved? “On the business side - What do we want to do? What do want to accomplish? - and on the technical side - How do we do, what's the best way to do that? - both. Crap reputation is a consequence of crap execution.”
-Patrick Lujan

“So many people are coming into BPM hearing/knowing one side of the story, when real success requires both reading and knowing the whole book. That is why product is just one element of BPM. People, product, and methodology must come together to be successful.”
-Garth Knudson

“Make BPM something you can remotely change - and regularly do, driven by the data. A continually evolving, self-optimising, market need aware, process which suits the company's needs now, not the ones which were front of mind when the project team happened by a few years back.”
-Peter Johnston

“So where does BPM needs to be improved? I think in the BPM community itself. I experience a lot of times big misunderstandings between the cool guys of the software, the losers of the methodology, the stick-in-the-pasters of six sigma and the marketing-experts of big analyst firms.”
-Emiel Kelly

“How is it possible that we declare data modelling as out of scope for the BPMN and still wonder why the hell isn't BPMN picking up in adoption? Who in their right mind do BPM without data?”
-Bogdan Nafornita