BPM Quotes of the Week - May 24, 2016

"Factories are about to get smarter. The machines that make everything from our phones to our sandwiches rely on creaking technology -- but not for long. 'We will have a fourth industrial revolution,' says professor Detlef Zühlke, a lead researcher in the factories of the future. And that fourth revolution is all about making factories less stupid."
-James Temperton

"Why is it so hard to make and sustain improvements in customer experience? Why are so many companies – indeed, virtually ALL companies – 'reliving the past' rather than getting and being 'future ready'?"
-Tim Walters

"Modern BPM software platforms are designed to create natural process flows across different technological boundaries, ensuring that users can work efficiently across both legacy and mobile channels. This gives you the flexibility and agility needed to transform your everyday operations around emerging technologies, empowering your users to take full advantage of mobile devices without detracting from the value of your existing solutions."
-Megan Potrzeba

From the BPM Forum

"Low-code isn't appropriate when a highly tailored user interface is necessary to achieve the required participant efficiency in performing their tasks."
-John Reynolds

When Is Low-Code BPM Not the Best Option? "It's not appropriate when it's sold as an 'any business user can create apps' type solution."
-Craig Willis

"If you don’t have hundreds of thousands available (to start with), then a low code solution may be the only affordable option. Or spreadsheets. If you can use a generic user interface, or you don’thave to automate everything, or you can get started without complete systems integration, then you may well be able to achieve some business value without (someone) writing a lot of code."
-Peter Hilton

"The cost of coding is wildly underestimated. For business process automation, low-code, or better still, zero-code, is the target. And we're almost there."
-John Morris

"Innovations are usually not low-code solutions."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"Low-code BPM solutions struggle heavily to meet the demands placed on them by serious, long-term running, business processes. It's fun to draw some user forms, and color the buttons and send some automated emails, but frankly that's not an business application."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"When you work with a great number of process instances, and you don’t have much time for each one, you need a customized app, much more than a fast-to-deliver, low-code BPM Suite."
-Juan J. Moreno

"It is easy to get lost in the process of process improvement. It can become an overwhelming task to plan and organize and implement especially when we take into consideration the necessary knowledge of tools, methodologies, languages, frameworks and other technologies."
-Christine Custis

"Is there any company that want's to spend money, just for the sake of retaining and manage BPM as a discipline. Not many I'd say. But here's the crazy thing: They're happy to spend thousands of $$$ for each business initiative where BPM sort of is seen as a necessary side thing."
-Walter Brill

"Staff DO NOT have the credibility consultants do and therefore no matter what you try it eventually, sometimes slowly, but eventually it fails. The reasons already given certainly contribute but at the root of it all is the fact that what an external consultant says and what a member of staff says do not carry the same level of influence."
-Kathy Long