BPM Quotes of the Week - May 23, 2018

Ian Gotts"It is incredibly difficult to change the culture and direction of a large organization. Digital transformation is probably the hardest as it challenges the business models that underpin the entire company. Therefore the threat needs to be SO HUGE that everyone from the very top sees the 'burning platform'."
-Ian Gotts

"The enterprise process framework provides both architecture and a taxonomy for your business processes. It provides a common, visual, logically organized repository of deployed processes. And, it supports both operational activities as well as innovation opportunities."
-Carla Wolfe

From the BPM Forum

What's the First Sign That a Digital Transformation Initiative Is Bound to Fail?

"They organise a Digital Transformation department. Remembering QM."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"’When the decision makers' only criterion is implementation cost. This means they are unable to employ any kind of imagination on other potential benefits of digitalization. So they will never be able to reap the benefits from their digital future."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"It's being led by technology and business doesn't (at least) control the purse strings."
-Max Young

"Keep it simple. It's easier to add knots to a piece of string than it is to remove them."
-Kevin Beddingfield

"Digital transformation is a challenge and cuts across the organization thus Sr Exec governance and decision making is imperative. Without that- funding, conflict resolution, strategic alignment etc which are all key underpinnings don't exist to erect the digital house."
-Stuart Chandler

"Most important indicator of failure in any business initiative is an absent plan or undefined implementation process, in other words, absent business model of the expected change. It is especially relevant to digital transformation due to its complexity and wide implications on the whole business structure."
-Boris Zinchenko