BPM Quotes of the Week - May 23

“If process is going to be adopted and valued it needs to rebrand itself and be linked to something CEOs really care about: Customers and Revenue.”
Ian Gotts

“If you can draw a direct line from my performance metrics to my decisions and then to my (assigned) business processes, I am more likely to pay attention to improving processes on a regular basis.”
Gagan Saxena

“BPM has taken a lot of the guesswork out of process improvement. A solid BPM platform will reliably yield data on bottlenecks and other performance issues, thus shining a pretty bright light on where to focus one's efforts.”
E. Scott Menter

“Achieving and sustaining continuous improvement depends on systemic, cultural changes on many dimensions.”
Brad Power

“Well, I do not exclude that some people and companies use processes to solve problems while other people use a keyboard for the nut-cracking. So what?”
Michael Poulin

“I think all of us can agree that process becomes inordinately restrictive and bureaucratic in many organizations. Periodic review and revision is healthy. It also helps the organization and its employees with staying relevant.”
Faun deHenry

“Sometimes no one knows why a process is so complicated until an outsider points out the obvious streamlining that can remove some of the tangled webs of non-linear processes. And in this case, having that less-informed person point out the obvious becomes an asset to process improvement.”
Amy Barth

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