BPM Quotes of the Week - May 2

"BPM and Case Management are at once both transformative and disruptive. What is dead is that idea that BPM is exotic, outlier technology that has niche uses, inevitably to be replaced with something bigger and better. That's dead. Dance on its grave. What is brilliantly alive is the BPM on which many (not yet all) of the most innovative, successful, and largest firms in the world run their businesses on."
Nathaniel Palmer

"I came away from having attended both conferences with a strong sense of a common theme: that we’re reaching a stage in business process practice maturity where it’s becoming widely understood and accepted that there is no one approach that is going to yield improvement in every situation."
Neil Ward-Dutton

"A new technology driven society is just around the corner. The building blocks of the this remake are here today and the moves organizations make will determine their outcome as a winner or a loser"
Jim Sinur

From the BPM Forum

“Mobiles have shown us the power of ease of use in driving uptake and driving behaviour. It matters. A lot. I won't come to your house if I have problems getting in the door. There is a solution to this. Get the lunatics to design the asylum.”
Peter Johnston

“Silos are the problem we are all trying to overcome. Point is that the best way of doing that is working outside-in. Generally speaking, the manager of a silo wants a solution to his/her problem. Optimizing for the end-to-end is usually more expensive and often takes longer. Hence we end up with the inside-out mind-set prevailing.”
Derek Miers

“The whole point of BPM is to consider the overall effect of the collection of activities. We know that improving a single step in a process can make the entire process worse. Local optimizations don't always lead to global optimums. The central idea in BPM is that you will evaluate you improvements according to the process as a whole.”
Keith Swenson

“How about abandoning the idea of designing the sales process and thinking about our customer's Purchasing process? It's refreshing for most people, to say the least.”
Anatoly Belaychuk

“It is time to deliver the promise of BPM with process redesign using 'inside-out' techniques like process simulation.”
Gagan Saxena

“If you can change the way people behave, the opportunity for change in other realms is virtually unlimited.”
Faun DeHenry

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