BPM Quotes of the Week - May 18, 2018

"Mckinsey research finds that the effective use of digital technologies in the oil and gas sector can reduce capital expenditures by up to 20 percent and cut operating costs by 3 to 5 percent."
-Jenna Harvey

"Using AI or robotic process automation as a shortcut to data integration might not make sense."
-Aditya Bhasin

From the BPM Forum

"BPM doesn't take it's own medicine* when it comes to describing user tasks: and that's what Robots do: the tasks of users. The ultimate solution will embrace BPM ideals, but it won't be BPM as it is now."
-Max Young

"BPM-as-discipline creates probably the best kind of management/governance framework that organisations can use to understand the context for RPA implementations, direct RPA investments, monitor the results of automated work and drive improvements. On the other hand, today's BPM platforms (or DPA platforms, or whatever we want to call them) may well be completely excluded from new automation platforms agglomerating around RPA tools."
-Neil Ward-Dutton

"At a high level RPA will fall into the SOA, ESB type frameworks and as applicable be within BPM/DPA frameworks."
-Stuart Chandler

"With BPM, you start out understanding the work itself. And if you add a robot to your work process, you'll be able to define what the robot needs as input, and what the robot will deliver as output. And where that output should go etc."
-John Morris

"As an utmost certainty, what is considered BPM as a software solution today will not be used to control physical robots."
-Max J. Pucher

"If you put a good robot in a bad process, the process will win every time."
-Fred Nickols

"BPM language is the most natural and efficient language to interact with robots. Intentionally or arbitrarily, the world of robots has already shaped as a BPM world from very beginning. It is only matter of terminology to recognize it as such or devise another dedicated synonym."
-Boris Zinchenko