BPM Quotes of the Week - May 18, 2015

“I believe that BPM is one of the most important activities every organization that wishes to survive must engage in. Only a monopoly could possibly survive without pursuing BPM – and even then increases in compliance requirements and complexity would drive costs that would be hard to pass on.”
-Ken Carraher

“In the near future, there will not be any more distinction between work flows and personal flows, because humans want to have the liberty of defining the way they want work independently of the IT platform system or methodology.”
-Alberto Manuel

From the BPM Forum

“BPM is important for the enterprise. Being "digital" or moving toward "digital" doesn't change the importance of BPM. It only changes how an organization might deploy it or use it.”
-Faun DeHenry

“Process is actually what is driving this agile, responsive software. The system needs to know, in real time, what the options are - process. To make sure things happen in sequence where that is right, in parallel when it isn't - process. To use data to make informed decisions - process. To build a feedback loop which informs the process at every level on its performance, the gap to optimal and the options for improvement - process. Process is at the heart of the AI age.”
-Peter Johnston

“I can see two aspects in the Digital business movement: external and internal. BPM is vital for the internal part - all processes must be externalized and wrapped with APIs, certain culture must be in place etc. Yet more important is probably the external part…”
-Anatoly Belaychuk

“Key point being that technology and business are now one entity in their delivery of value (services) into today’s market. Bringing this fact to light is the recognition of ‘process’ being a core business asset.”
-Gary Samuelson