BPM Quotes of the Week - May 16, 2017

Nathaniel Palmer"We are going to need an army of robot lawyers to combat an army of robot lawyers for every transaction we do. Previous laws are based on a utility curve that assumes a limit to how much effort you would be willing to put in, but robots don’t care about that utility curve."
-Nathaniel Palmer

"If BPM is the silver bullet, why hasn’t it taken over yet...Well it hasn’t taken over for the same reason lots of other silver bullets haven’t – it doesn’t just work by itself does it? It requires real work to make it happen. It isn’t tech – it’s people. The human adoption factor has to be accounted for."
-Scott Francis

"The purpose and intent of digital transformation is to deliver value to the customer – quickly, with continuous delivery of quality and functionality. Digital BPM and BRMS is the keystone to this journey, enabling enterprises to rapidly deploy and configure business technology to ever-changing processes, when and where it is needed."
-Joe McKendrick

From the BPM Forum

"I would still call that (a Digital Business Platform) a BPMS as it supports the design, execution, management and improvement of all aspect of processes. Processes that just become more digital from (forgive me again) end to end."
-Emiel Kelly

"Making Digital real might well be BPM's mission. Well, if we want to get beyond pretty websites and on to better outcomes and experiences."
-Scott Francis

"Only BPM offers a way to assemble existing and new (ideally, low-code) microservices into unique business processes. Note: Case management is also management by processes."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"'Is BPM the digital platform?' I would argue yes it is the critical foundation."
-Stuart Chandler

Is There a Better Name for the Digital Business Platform? "Could we use a term that we all agree on - 'BPM'."
-Ian Gotts

"Digital Business Platform doesn't contain the word 'Process', at all. That in turn makes me imagine that DBP was meant to describe something more overarching, evolved and encompassing than just BPM. So maybe DBP is trying to describe something like mutually integrated BI, BPM, CRM, ERP, CMS and SMM platforms that can be managed through a unified, multi-role command center."
-Kay Winkler

What Are the Key Mistakes to Avoid with the Customer Journey Map? "Make sure that your sample set of customers is large enough to determine what's truly representative of the customers you really want to reach."
-John Reynolds

"The real problem is that most firms start of mapping the customer's journey through their crap ... rather than the customer's journey within the context of the 'Job to be done'."
-Derek Miers

What Are the Key Mistakes to Avoid with the Customer Journey Map? "Not asking 'Who gets it next?'"
-Patrick Lujan

What Are the Key Mistakes to Avoid with the Customer Journey Map? "Thinking that it is something you can do separately from your 'internal' processes."
-Emiel Kelly

"The fundamental mistake companies make is where the center of gravity is in a customer interaction. Organizations tend to have a 'Let them eat Cake' attitude. It comes out of an attitude of 'it’s my business model, so we will do it my way optimizing my outcomes' Customer touch points and desired outcomes need to be coordinated in a dynamic fashion instead of pushing everyone down a 'happy cheap path'."
-Jim Sinur