BPM Quotes of the Week - May 12, 2015

“I believe that BPM should be the basis for a broad understanding of an organization. I imagine, in an ideal world, a room with a large overview of the process architecture of the organization. The major value chains and level 1 processes would all be shown with links between those processes and key stakeholders, and perhaps with key measures of success.”
-Paul Harmon

“It’s one thing to be mobile, responding to emails on the go and being accessible from anywhere at anytime. It’s a completely different ballgame to develop and execute a mobile business. A true mobile business occurs when real work is able to take place across a number of devices, away from the traditional office environment.”
-Michael Ingrisano

From the BPM Forum

“The classic enterprise architecture definition of ‘aligning with and supporting the business’ is very much the operating model out there right now. They know that if they don't give the LOB what they want the LOB will back door them anyway, go out and buy what they want, then the technology is foisted upon IT whether they like it or not because now they have to support it.”
-Patrick Lujan

“Sadly enough, most of what is called a ‘BPM project’ is either ‘BPM without BPMS’ or ‘BPMS without BPM’. IT has too little control in the former and too much control in the latter.”
-Anatoly Belaychook

“A medium or big company could have lost out of sight the organization's processes because the tasks became too daily-oriented. In those cases, the IT Department tends to be in charge of processes and have a bigger picture. The success of BPM falls into their hands.”
-Maria Paz

“In the future, the world will be split in two: those who tell computers what to do, and those who are told by computers what to do. And most intelligent people will migrate in and out of either world on a daily basis.”
-Bogdan Nafornita

“No, we are not coming to the end of automation unless you want to split hairs about what "automation" actually means...will it be highly informed and drenched in data and intelligence? Yes, but it's still automation.”
-Amy Barth

“Digitalization may well be on the rise, but judging from the number of business processes still powered by spreadsheets, paper, email, and frantic phone calls, seems to me that automation may still have plenty of foes yet to conquer.”
-E. Scott Menter

“I see huge synergy between BPM-based automation, digitalisation (see the ref), IoT (delegating some activities to devices), microservices (flexibility) and security (thanks to BPM, security gets the business context).”
-Dr. Alexander Samarin