BPM Quotes of the Week - May 1, 2017

Scott Francis"He (Nathaniel Palmer) isn’t arguing that BPMS’ will define the 21st century – but that process will."
- Scott Francis

"75% of the current BPM programs nowadays won't survive the shift to digital."
- Clay Richardson

"Process is a key part of Digital Transformations and is unfurling it's wings to provide lift for those vendors and clients that leverage it."
- Jim Sinur

From the BPM Forum

"The digital focus now recognises that business is driven by people and their processes which constantly change. The reason those early BPR efforts failed was the failure of the software to support either how people needed support or the ability to easily change."
- David Chassels

"I'd ask the reverse question: Is possible a real digital transformation without a business process re engineering? Well, maybe in some particular cases, but in the majority, I think they would walk hand in hand."
- Juan J Moreno

"The efficiency gains accruing from simply substituting BPM-driven development for traditional coding is going to dwarf any improvements arising from small changes in process execution."
- E. Scott Menter

"Case Management products must be able to support highly structured Business Processes."
- John Reynolds

What Are the 'Must Have' Features for Any Case Management Platform?

  • Documents. All types. Searchable. Case management centers on a folder.
  • Commitment Tracking: what needs to be done, when, what have been done, by whom.
  • Dynamic tasking: the ability to ask anyone to do anything at any time and the system facilitates
  • Flexible Communications: comments, chat, notes, etc. Kinda like a social platform but exclusively to the case.

-Keith Swenson

"I have yet to encounter a customer (not yet intoxicated by vendor speak) that actually cares if they use case or process to solve their business problems."
- Bogdan Nafornita