BPM Quotes of the Week - March 7, 2019

Malcolm Ross"You want to have an overall intelligent automation practice with a strong grounding of four key technologies. As we said before, BPM and rules, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and the fourth one that's very important is integration. How do I integrate data services together into these overall automation practices?"
-Malcolm Ross

"It just sweeps (RPA) across the organization almost to the point where, if people are doing something manual, they feel kind of embarrassed, because one of their friends might say, ‘why don’t you get a bot for that?’ So that change in mindset is really powerful."
-Carten Cordell

"The CIO’s role is becoming more influential as technology is placed at the heart of business strategy and is placing the CIO in the perfect position to become a business leader."
-Phil Richards

"RPA and software robotics is not always about automating tasks; it's also about accuracy, having the right conversation, it's about supporting and augmenting people."
-Gareth Hole

From the BPM Forum

"Digital transformation cannot truly occur until processes are digital and process integration has taken hold. That is my long way of saying business process integration is not only important but essential for businesses to digitally transform."
-Bob Larrivee

"Most apps overlap in functionality across departmental silos (each with their favourite) and most apps don't talk to each other. So, app rationalization policies pop up and knee jerk RPA interventions occur. Such a fertile ground for an eventual end-to-end approach. Call it BPM if you like."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"BPI (business process integration) technology ( including newly so-called 'smart contracts' ) directly impacts on the costs and viability of managing a span of work processes. From the perspective of the work performed, an enterprise in flight is basically the sum of its processes."
-John Morris

"Business process integration is crucial for a mature BPM practice and a prerequisite for business process automation."
-Caspar Jans

"One process' output might be one of the inputs for another process. Within or outside your own company. So it's important to understand how processes relate to each other."
-Emiel Kelly

"At a BPM convention at the Moscone Convention Center some years ago the CIO of Chevron oil described how they had process mapped the entire organisation. At question time a lady congratulated him and asked if that meant they could now automate the organisation. His response was, 'No, all we have is a plate of spaghetti.'"
-Anthony Blackham

Should the Goal Still Be to Make Processes End-to-End?

"The goal was never to be end-to-end, per se, but to create great business value. If maximizing business value requires you to build the end-to-end process then do it! If it requires understanding the end-to-end but only implementing pieces of the process- then so be it!"
-Scott Francis

"Considering the current challenges of digital transition the new goal and an urgent imperative is to have an enterprise as a system of processes (see the URL below). Maybe some of those processes will be end-to-end."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"If you do process-driven development, you need to have an end-to-end understanding of processes, no matter if you fully implement them or not. Especially in a world of system-of-systems, failing to grasp the most complete picture you can will most certainly lead you into dead-ends (processes that are not re-useable, duplicated code, lack of architectural vision etc)."
-Bogdan Nafornita