BPM Quotes of the Week - March 7

“Installing a rigid process can create a system where an organization gets too locked into certain procedures and ends up repeating the same mistakes. What organizations need is a less static, more iterative approach that sets rules to bring order from chaos, but allows them to make changes easily when parts of the process become outdated, irrelevant, unnecessary."
Mac McConnell

“As an Engineer I am, I always found dangerous to keep evolving a product based on the same design principles, because a product as a system it is (like a process) have a predefined function constrained by a set of components that are connected and behave to assure the function is attained. Those components have their life cycle.”
Alberto Manuel

From the BPM Forum

“If we believe org structure doesn't matter- try implementing a really bad one and watch the wreckage. The Org matters. It can foster or it can impede.”
Scott Francis

“The truth is that Business Agility is driven by culture and politics far more than a technology choice.”
Don Schuerman

“The necessary ingredient for agility is the permission for people to move forward on structures and processes that are not formalized.”
Keith Swenson

“Failure to build business on formalist technology will doom us to creeping ossification and brittleness, the opposite of agile. Why? Because the only way to achieve "function 'x'", lacking the freedom of a fundamental form, is to code it. And thus you've just poured glue all over yourself.”
John Morris

Will processes achieve the level of smarts that makes them sentient? No, but they will appear to be. It's magic.
Kevin Parker

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