BPM Quotes of the Week - March 29, 2016

"A portion of a business’ processes are contextual and need to be improvisational in nature. This percentage is growing as the digital business transformation progresses. Because of this, digital business processes are becoming more like improvisational jazz musicians compared to the highly controlled and precise orchestras of our standard business operations."
-Rachel Brennan

"Many process mining newcomers are not yet aware of the fact that a major strength of process mining, as an exploratory analysis tool, is that you can rapidly and flexibly take different perspectives on your process."
-Dr. Anne Rozinat

"According to Mindreau, many organizations today fail to stay afloat because, though they have streamlined their business processes, they remain at the mercy of inherent limitations associated with, more or less, antiquated BPM systems."
-Stephanie Jones

From the BPM Forum

"Who would want to use 'worst practices' any of the time? Every organization has 'best practices' and they stay that way until the organization improves them."
-Karl Walter Keirstead

"You need a balance where process overview and governed insight is leading and support any other related artefacts (business objectives, KPI's, information, training, you name it), by putting these artefacts in the right process context. And context is what's lacking all the time."
-Walter Bril

"BPM is the most explicit methodology for a customer to operate towards its goals."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"BPM is in fact the irreducible technology of the work of business. BPM technology, and only BPM technology, by definition features the concepts of work as first class citizens of that technology."
-John Morris