BPM Quotes of the Week - March 28, 2019

Andy Noronha"Precisely because digital business transformation involves making big changes across multiple aspects of the business, conventional change management is ill-suited to fostering major changes in highly entangled organizations."
-Andy Noronha

"Outdated process definitions can force departments into patterns that are worse than no process."
-Keith Swenson

"'Over the next few decades we’re going to have to relearn how to go slow again,' says Satell. The digital age has been about agility and disruption. But it’s time to think less about hackathons and more about tackling grand challenges."
-Greg Satell

"RPA drives process digitalization, which forms the basis of an organization’s digital transformation."
-Alex Robbio

From the BPM Forum

Do Business Process Models Hold Companies Back?

"Many process models are not executed by machines, but used as tools for structured communication by humans. And as such tools, they do a great job in managing complexity, for example by bridging the gap between business and IT."
-Timotheus Kampik

"On the subject of participants and managers (for modeling processes): we always pressure the client to allow front-line staff in our workshops and NO managers. We bar managers because their front-line knowledge is often very dated and they subdue the other participants to the point where they say little until their manager has spoken."
-Ross Harling

"The only way to improve is to make something in a different way.... and this is the case for process modeling."
-Kai Laamanen

"Many companies fall into a state of analysis paralysis by playing out too many scenarios with their models in an attempt to find the perfect solution to improve or replace a process. As a result, what could have been designed and changed in a month took three, and what might have taken three is now nine."
-Bob Larrivee

"Appropriate process models provide the transparency necessary to come to fast well informed decisions and related actions. Hence, they speed things up. However, the usage scenarios of the models need to be clearly defined."
-Mathias Kirchmer

"Processes are executed to deliver results. If a model tells the truth it should tell you what is that result and what is needed to deliver that results. And that makes a model complex. And less complex models don't tell the real story."
-Emiel Kelly

"The whole point of a successful business is a repeatable pattern for generating customers, revenues, profits. If you only prescribe that pattern, the impact is tremendous."
-Bogdan Nafornita

How Important Is It to Keep Processes Simple?

"If we define 'simple' as 'simple User Interface', then it is all important."
-Karl Walter Keirstead

"Many times organizations focus on 'avoiding a problem' that could happen once in a thousand cases, rather than improving and making simpler the other 999 cases. This is also known as process bureaucracy."
-Juan J. Moreno

"Business processes are complex and businesses can't hide from the complexities given the competitive markets, slicing/dicing of products to have customized offerings. The business anatomy is complex and the key to me is getting process into atomic 'simple' processes that can be molded into larger, orchestrated business model to execute the business."
-Stuart Chandler

"If the purpose however is to document a business process for the sake of automating it, then you should never hide complexity, the correctness and completeness of the process is than more important than the simplicity."
-Caspar Jans

"The simpler the better... but don't follow the advice of some BPM tool makers when promoting simplicity, that '80% is good enough' - i.e. that you should ignore the things that make processes complex. Our number one rule for defining processes, simple or complex is - they must reflect real life."
-Anthony Blackham

"Keeping the process simple eases the overhead of maintenance & troubleshooting. Additionally it also sets foundation stone for reusability of the process across the application/LoBs/enterprise."
-Pritiman Panda