BPM Quotes of the Week - March 23, 2015

“The BPMN created by the business analyst to represent the business requirements for implementation often bears little resemblance to the BPMN created by the BPMS developer, which must cope with real-world details of application integration. That not only weakens the business-IT collaboration so central to BPM’s promise of business agility, but it leads to BPMN that must be revised whenever any backend system is updated or changed.”
-Bruce Silver

“Resistance to change is the most difficult yet the most common obstacle that BPM professionals face.”
-Aditi Chopra

“There is a perfect storm brewing that includes shifting global / economic trends, a more digital savvy customer and several waves of emerging technologies. Organizations that stay in their comfort zone and wait to embrace digital might find themselves at a great disadvantage or worse.”
-Jim Sinur

From the BPM Forum

“We see big players improving their tools to provide a better process integration into general applications, and the emerging of niche processes solutions in SaaS mode.”
-Juan J. Moreno

“The big chance of BPM is mid and small enterprises, who are the most likely candidates for the digital enterprise concept, since they don't suffer from the curse of legacy and they adopt faster any advanced technology that helps them survive and thrive.”
-Bogdan Nafornita

“Process improvement is done as a project. Initiated by the C Suite. And whose success affects someone's career prospects. All three of those set it up for failure.”
-Peter Johnston

“A very successful process improvement suggestion system declined in use in part because managers didn’t take the time to get out and solicit ideas. Improvement activities lost out in the competition with delivering day-to-day operational results.”
-Brad Power

“So the biggest obstacle for process improvement in an enterprise is that process improvement must be understood as enterprise-wide not project-wide initiative which must be properly supported by EA.”
-Dr. Alexander Samarin