BPM Quotes of the Week - March 21

“If you look closely at most of today’s BPM initiatives, they tend to hide behind an imaginary firewall that separates what external customers experience and what internal business operations feel they need to be efficient.”
Clay Richardson

“It turns out that although many companies want to use technology to help them co-ordinate work more efficiently and effectively, monitor the performance of their business processes and manage change, they don’t all want or need precisely the same mix of tools.”
Neil Ward-Dutton

“Although any enterprise has its natural complexity, the lack of explicit and codified knowledge about all relationships (static and dynamic) adds a lot of undesired complexity. The latter is the root cause why it is difficult to manage and improve enterprises. Often, even small changes provoke big disasters.”
Dr. Alexander Samarin

From the BPM Forum

“Orthodox BPM solves the problem of 'HOW' by top-down prescription. But to be really good for business it should answer the question 'WHY!'”
Max J. Pucher

“Content is something that is won slowly after years of working in an industry and figuring out the true needs of that industry. Content+BPM = Solution. This is what companies should be buying and BPM companies should be selling.”
Brian Reale

“If it does not measurably make your business better -- able to do more with less -- then it is not really BPM, regardless of what it says on the outside of the packaging.”
Keith Swenson

“Organizing work is a central problem of business. BPM is the common technical language used for organizing work. And as with technology generally, the use of BPM enables dramatic improvements in organizing work.”
John Morris

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