BPM Quotes of the Week - March 16, 2015

“It’s impossible to have a good strategy poorly executed. That’s because execution actually is strategy – trying to separate the two only leads to confusion.”
-Roger Martin

From the Forum

“Today any application has big chances of becoming a process application at certain point of its evolution. If your development environment is not tightly integrated with a process modeling environment and a process engine (i.e. is not a part of BPM Suite) then you as an application developer are in trouble.”
-Anatoly Belaychuk

“It would be dumb to use BPMN for every business app, but it would be even more dumb not to use it as a huge kickstarter for business app development.”
-Bogdan Nafornita

“There is a critical role that BPM platforms can play - "filling the App Gap". The “App Gap (image)”is the huge backlog of apps that the business want built, but are at the bottom of ITs todo list, behind keeping the lights on, upgrading the server infrastructure and 200 other high priority items.”
-Ian Gotts

“The worst thing about BPM as an approach is that you can’t really model a business process without understanding the process in terms of what result the process is supposed to achieve for an actual customer (internal or external). And if you go down that route, you might end up actually having to talk to real customers as part of the application development project. That would be ridiculous!”
-Peter Hilton

“I've seen too many NBPM projects; No-Business-Process-Management projects where a lot of effort is wasted on modelling, improving, automating and change-managing of useless processes.”
-Emiel Kelly

“If we consider BPM broadly, and not just the IT project, one of the most overlooked steps is getting into production. How many consultant recommendations and powerpoints are laying around collecting dust (some, maybe for good reason), how many projects fail because the sponsors haven't pulled together the right team and conditions for success?”
-Scott Francis

“I've got a typical and very hard to fix error: selecting the wrong first process to automate...If it is too simple: not enough value to worth the effort/investment. If it is too complex: high failure risk, long deployment time.”
-Juan J Moreno

"’BPM Success’ doesn't imply a once-and-done solution. We must leave behind a sustainable, ongoing BPM program - meaning there will be follow-up maintenance, upgrades, and configuration adjustments.”
-Gary Samuelson