BPM Quotes of the Week - March 15, 2018

Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland"40% of organizations believe an emphasis on customer-centric processes is driving the need to change how process management teams work."
-Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland


"Although RPA can boost business efficiencies and ROI without increasing costs, it should not be seen as a replacement for existing Business Process Management (BPM) systems."
-Elizabeth Quirk

From the BPM Forum

"If you need to implement BPM to compete and survive because your competitors are being more efficient and they are delivering faster and better, the success should be measured in terms of reaching and outperforming the competition. In plain English: the measure would be if you survived."
-Juan J Moreno

"ROI is for sure one important metric to measure the success of a BPM implementation. Everybody wants to invest to get the respective return and proceed creating added value. Anyway, to support the ROI we need to find other metrics."
-Jose Camacho

"Externalities and intangibles (management distraction, customer appeal, company reputation, market posture) are but rarely reflected in that data. Many BPM-driven projects create such externalities and intangibles as a primary or secondary effect. Taken together, one concludes that bare ROI may often not reflect the actual value created by such projects."
-E. Scott Menter

"'No measures = No results = No justification.' And ultimately: 'No sustained improvement.' In other words, if you can't quantify the results of your BPM projects, you're unlikely to reap long-term benefits from them—or gain support for future initiatives."
-Kritika Pandey

"BPM helps organizations to correctly build hierarchies of tactical and strategic goals in a form of business processes and facilitates correct measurement of respective ROIs, which might be otherwise difficult to recognize and estimate."
-Boris Zinchenko

"Everyone thinks they are managing their processes but the organisation isn't being managed by processes, it's managed by business unit and department."
-Craig Willis

"In a world of mostly process fragments, there is no direct link between any one process and sustaining / improving competitive advantage. The route to sustaining and improving competitive advantage involves Case Managers opening/managing/closing cases..."
-Karl Walter Keirstead

Is There a Difference Between Managing a Business by Processes Versus Simply Managing Business Processes? "Yes. It's like driving your own car on a busy road to get home safe and on time vs being responsible for safety and timely for all cars on the road. In the first situation you try to optimize your individual trip (one process) In the second one you try to optimize the road so more trips run optimal."
-Emiel Kelly

"When managing business by processes we need to think about process architecture, which can be bad or good. One of the sources of the failure of 'bad' process architecture is, that many organization try to design end to end processes, which in many cases leads to standalone processes process management. We get better process architecture by designing customer to customer processes..."
-Kai Laamanen