BPM Quotes of the Week - March 14, 2016

"The CTO primarily enables business through technology, rather than technology for technology’s sake… so if anything my job was more to translate that business perspective into objectives and goals that the technical team can execute against."
-Scott Francis

"There is a big difference with Industry 4.0 and the simple internet of things, but the combination of the IoT and decentralized control (swarming agents) plus new collaborations among machines, software, Cogs and humans will deliver new digital businesses that benefit many."
-Jim Sinur

From the BPM Forum

"In order to be able to reengineer, you do need to start with full E2E process knowledge. Otherwise you're walking in the dark. As we have so incredibly complex situations nowadays, tools such as process mining can be of great help here."
-Walter Bril

"As re-shoring takes place, manufacturing plants will install new infrastructure, dig out their old processes, and possibly want to update these for the new infrastructure."
-Karl Walter Kierstead

"What I see happening more and more is the unification of Lean and BPM. More and more OpEx / Lean professionals are discovering BPM as the platform to extend SIPOCs and Charters into real solutions."
-Garth Knudson

"The only place automation comes before simplification is in the dictionary"
-Ian Gotts

"We're assuming that your business will run better if you formalize your processes, and you then monitor, analyze and adapt your processes to be more efficient."
-John Reynolds

"I would say we have to assume there is a massive puzzle out there with procedures, internal knowledge, systems, and other factors that make up the pieces, and then decide if it's worth putting those pieces together to see the picture or just draw one from scratch. Sometimes the latter is the easier way to go."
-Kevin Beddingfield

"The assumption that what you are doing right now is not already BPM -- maybe not good BPM or well planned and methodologically sound BPM -- but definitely an activity of managing the way your business works to the best of your ability. You're already doing it!!! So, invest in talent, technology, time or whatever is necessary to do it well."
-Christine Custis

"BPM technology should be the most efficient and effective way of solving such business automation problems. All other technologies put a higher cognitive load on humans to achieve the same results."
-John Morris