BPM Quotes of the Week - March 14

"Today, there's so much flying at people in businesses that they have to take assistance where they can, whether it's from another employee or it's some kind of machine assistance, particularly when you get into heavy real-time analytics."
Jim Sinur

"If you look closely at most of today’s BPM initiatives, they tend to hide behind an imaginary firewall that separates what external customers experience and what internal business operations feel they need to be efficient. In this new age, business leaders are waking up to the realization that they can no longer divorce process improvement from the people and systems that touch customers, partners, and customer-facing employees."
Clay Richardson

"I believe the days of “transformational BPM” that require an army of services consultants and years of design to attain a multi-year ROI/breakeven point are going to become obsolete over time – replaced by the requirement of immediate ROI to the business and the ability to build and leverage process models with no coding, and therefore put business users literally in the driver’s seat."
Predrag Jakovljevic

"Applying Decision Management systematically improves your Business Process projects a great deal. Specifically, process models become much easier to read and more maintainable. As with every concept you first need buy-in.."
Juergen Pitschke

From the BPM Forum

"Time and inertia and 'the way things have been done' leads to stagnation. That has nothing to do with BPM or BPMS. The stagnation is happening. The question is, what are the best tools with which to do something about it."
Scott Francis

"How Do You Make Sure BPM Doesn't Lead to Stagnation? 'Continuous process improvement.' The roundtrip from execution to analytics, always making sure it's being done as efficiently as possible, continually refining the process definition(s) given the metrics coming off the system telling what's actually happening versus what was intended or designed."
Patrick Lujan

"It seems that the main challenge of BPMN is that BPM is the vendor-centric market not the customer-centric one. Yet."
Dr. Alexander Samarin

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