BPM Quotes of the Week - March 1, 2017

Jonathan Babcock"In environments where process automation capabilities are leveraged, the value of BPMN increases significantly, as it enables stakeholders not only to understand the process together, but, with relatively little technical effort, to simulate and test proposed process flows to validate rules and results and troubleshoot before actual coding takes place, resulting in a more reliable finished product."
-Jonathan Babcock

"BPMN is a very powerful modeling language for modeling very complex business processes; and with that, it is often too powerful for most of what a BA does. So when I teach BAs to model business processes, I point them to a process model that uses simpler syntax. Arguably, it’s really just a subset of BPMN’s syntax."
-Joy Beatty

From the BPM Forum

"I believe small companies are much better in BPM (make their processes do what they promise to their customers) than most large companies (who think they can implement or buy BPM on top of their daily business)."
-Emiel Kelly

"The classical enterprise style BPM will just not work for small businesses and isn't really necessary or at least shouldn't be necessary. For SMBs who want to to streamline operations simple and easy wins are the ticket since you'll never find the person who is ready to source, implement, and manage a complex BPM methodology."
-Eyal Katz

"The only viable way for SMB to afford and do BPM is via boutique BPM consultancies."
-John Morris

"A platform-based approach maybe a better choice for SMBs because in such a platform everything can be reused or replaced."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"BPM exists in every company, even a smallest one. However, it is not always recognized or acknowledged as such. Because small companies significantly outnumber larger ones, BPM in small companies is most wide spread and demanded kind of BPM."
-Boris Zinchenko

"Processes first, always. 'What,' not 'how.'"
-Patrick Lujan

"Process optimization is a business practices; platforms involve technologies. You can 'rethink' them all you want, but because they're entirely different animals, one can never replace the other. You might, however, consider having them both!"
-Steve Weissman

"What is important is the platform of software that supports BPM to deliver the digital working solution. Optimisation is an on going exercise based upon such a platform. The processes are better described as an 'environment' where work is undertaken to create new data and business outcomes."
-David Chassels

"Without a run-time environment to host all of the above (never mind the fancy 'integrated, architectural approach' terminology) I just don't see how any organization can make practical use of BPM other than to generate paper process maps."
-Karl Walter Keirstead