BPM Quotes of the Week - June 7, 2017

Scott Francis"A great process design expert (BPM expert) can save millions and a mediocre expert can cost your business millions with a process going into production badly."
-Scott Francis

From the BPM Forum

"A company may have a BPM system in place, but such a system is often used for some marginal application(s). Unfortunately, many of modern BPM-suite tools are not 'good enterprise' citizens."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"To be successful with BPM, one must change both the technology AND the way technology is implemented."
-Anatoly Belaychuk

"I think all organizations deal with processes. It's if they recognize it as BPM or not. I also think there have been partial BPM successes that may not be compelling enough because processes are not linked to customer, partner and employee journey disciplines to a level that is necessary to win the day."
-Jim Sinur

"With a Case I generally start with identifying all of the Activities that can be performed (with no thought of order), then determine dependencies if any. With a Process I generally start with the Flow, identifying Activities sequentially as the transformation progresses."
-John Reynolds

"Case is trees, process is forest?"
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"I look at the business problem and take the business objects/artifacts that need to be managed and start my concept of case there. It is a very data- and context- driven viewpoint, but context is exactly what a case is when you look under the hood."
-Rachel Brennan

"To me a case is 'the problem to be solved for the process customer' or 'the thing that flows through the process.'"
-Emiel Kelly

"'Any collection of activities that lead towards the accomplishment of a common business objective' --Oh wait, did I just copy and paste my definition of a Process? :-)"
-Bogdan Nafornita

"Case serves as a bridge between transactional world of relational databases and tree-like document oriented structures of object storages. Case conveniently unites SQL, NoSQL data and procedures (processes) under an umbrella of business logic. Case can be considered as a View Model within a popular MVVC paradigm."
-Boris Zinchenko

Is There Such a Thing as the Perfect Process? "Oxymoron - just like Transformation Project."
-Derek Miers

"You can have a process that is subjectively 'perfect' for, say, one user, only, but not for others."
-Karl Walter Keirstead

"The quality or goodness of a process evolves over time, usually as the result of some kind of continuing or periodic improvement effort. Therein lies reality; namely, that efforts to improve a process consume resources and therefore must compete with other efforts. I've improved the performance of a process in a significant way and that was 'good enough' because the client now other, higher priorities."
-Fred Nickols

"There is such thing as a perfect process for a moment in time, for a particular use case, from a particular point of view. If that moment is now, and that POV is that of your customer, that may be as close to perfect as you actually ever need to be."
-E. Scott Menter

"The perfect process is one that every one follows consistently. Therefore the majority of the effort should be on adoption - and that starts wth the way the processes are discovered (live workshops) and presented (UPN standard) and made available (online & personalized)."
-Ian Gotts