BPM Quotes of the Week - June 28, 2018

James Staten"Start with a forthcoming customer experience value and apply a chain of modern and emerging technologies to address this solution. Brian’s suggestion: 'Challenge your team and colleagues to identify important chains and match future technology potential with painful business pressure points.'"
-James Staten

"Firth describes this new trend as Business Process Socialisation (BPS) or Business to Machine to Consumer (B2M2C), essentially the maturing of Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C). 'This is the ultimate maturing of traditional BPM or workflow, and will essentially manage an SLA within an organisation’s workflow process all the way to the consumer or customer.'"
-Richard Firth

From the BPM Forum

What Are the Biggest Misconceptions Companies Have About Low-Code/No-Code BPM?

"That it is low cost and solves all problems."
-Stuart Chandler

"That low-code means anyone can do it when in reality, you still need to understand the basics of programming logic to build solutions in these platforms."
-Kevin Beddingfield

"I think we (BPMers) need to recognize that Low/No code is more powerful than it used to be."
-Max Young

"The over-usage of 'low and no code' for everything over the years, has contributed to the end users' perception that the term is basically a lie for which they won’t fall for any longer."
-Kay Winkler

"Low Code/No Code is getting better and more powerful every year but that concept has been a bit challenging for consultants to build solutions at times. LC/NC generally requires solutions to follow specific behavior or usage patterns which don't always follow what the client is looking for."
-Garvin Fouts

"All my clients need/expect from 'low-code' is to be able to map out processes they have in their heads. Major accomplishment!"
-Karl Walter Keirstead

"The biggest misconception (heavily pushed by respective vendors) is that LC/NC solutions do not require knowledge of any kind (except for the business task at hand)...when it comes to enterprise application design and architecture, the depth of skills required (architecture, data modelling, integration, security) can only be ignored at one's own peril."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"I think it's the way IT leverages technologies as a wedge to progress the technologies themselves instead of looking for desirable business outcomes and linking technologies that can help to those very outcomes. Even when there is a good fit, the technologies may not be ready or the organizational skill sets are lacking to successfully implement the change."
-Jim Sinur

"The gap between business and customers is holding companies back."
-Emiel Kelly

"The gap between company’s supporting functions (including IT) and company’s core-business functions is the trouble. The latter are competing at the market level and the former are not competing at all."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"A process is an outcome ... not a function or flow. Communication and digital interaction is the carrier not BPM automation."
-Max J. Pucher

"IT is all about means... the business is all about results. It is always easier to talk about desired results or objectives than how to reach them. Business people want results and IT people try to develop tools."
-Kai Laamanen

"The gap between business and IT is natural and justified. It should not be obligatory avoided. Elimination of this gap will yield either in a sub-optimal IT structured equally to business or in inefficient business borrowing internal logic of IT. Instead, business should aim a synthesis of operations and technology by cultivating distinct features inherent to each domain."
-Boris Zinchenko