BPM Quotes of the Week - June 27

“The real question is how to deal with an organization that is afraid of change and really, really needs to scrap the old way just to join the 21st century. It might seem hopeless, but if you can deliver on your promises to improve what they have with BPM, you can open the door, bit by bit, making room for an iterative cycle of modernization.”
Amy Barth

“In the future, business processes will use historical and real-time data to predict variables that will automatically alter a running process. At that point, we will have moved beyond ACM and into the realm of intelligent business processes.”
Larry Hawes

“Case management, particularly adaptive case management, enables knowledge worker collaboration to reach evolving goals as a team. This is needed because work, cases in particular, have become more complex and perfect knowledge is not available in one job role or person to handle a case.”
Jim Sinur

“Unstructured implies that there is no thinking being done, and that there is no planning necessary and there is no control. The truth is exactly the opposite; there is quite a bit of thinking and planning being done, there is quite a bit of control of what happens. The work is not unstructured, it is simply structured while the work is going on.”
Keith Swenson

From the BPM Forum

“There was an emerging consensus among the few of us that helped develop the BPSim spec for simulating BPMN that case management presents some challenges in hope to analyze it for improvement, which is at the heart of BPM's BPR/BPI aspirations.”
Lloyd Dugan

“The best way to manage legacy processes is to move to a company that hasn’t got any. Where process works and creates competitive advantage.”
Peter Johnston

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