BPM Quotes of the Week - June 20, 2017

John Morris"It’s not often apparent to first-time users of BPM software that they may have in fact purchased two BPM systems! There is (1) the BPM modeling system and (2) there’s the BPM system that is used every day by people working on real live business processes."
-John Morris

"A lack of process governance managed centrally through BPM disciplines and technology could have significant consequences for businesses. It results not only in people across an organisation doing the same task in different ways, but also in the duplication and triplication of the same work, causing deadlines to be missed while driving up costs."
-Yugan Munthrie

From The BPM Forum

"I think BPM may be one of the areas where the hype about AI might actually be understated."
-John Reynolds

"Machine learning and AI aren't just going to automagically enhance BPM to some utopian state without some up-front input and guidance. The up-front homework is the part that always gets left out on technical panaceas."
-Patrick Lujan

"MACHINE LEARNING will make all flowchart design obsolete."
-Max Pucher

"So AI/ML will definitely have it's impact on processes. Not the same for any type of process, but where data must be turned into action (actually, isn't that in any process?), it hopefully helps to create better insights and faster action."
-Emiel Kelly

"The only use for AI is ultimately 'better decisions'."
-John Morris

"If the process is a core one to a company, that company should always be analyzing how to make the process better. This definition of 'better' should be focused on customer outcomes. If the feedback loop for the process ends up indicating a portion of a process should be automated, and the cost can be justified, then it is time to automate that portion of the process."
-Brian French

"It’s time to automate a process when you’ve stopped learning anything from performing it."
-Peter Hilton

When Do You Know It's Time to Automate a Business Process? "When you have stopped thinking about the work you're doing, while doing it."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"When you find yourself avoiding doing something the right way because of how hard it is to do."
-Jessica Kerr