BPM Quotes of the Week - June 20

“Adaptive Case Management is the on-ramp for intelligent business processes.”
Keith Swenson

“We need to turn the internet of things into the process of everything. A sea of events needs to feed into a sense/respond engine that drives towards outcomes, whether a simple status outcome, a repair request, or automation and control. BPM, or at least the broad definition of intelligent BPM that includes decisions and analytics, is the perfect match for that sense and respond capability.”
Sandy Kemsley

“Without a fundamental shift in how technology is integrated into business leadership (and vice versa), we’ll continue to have IT initiatives pursuing shiny technologies without a bigger context guiding their work, and we’ll continue to have EA departments that spend all their time creating serious-looking diagrams and trying to make rules that nobody will ever look at, let alone follow.”
Neil Ward-Dutton

“Apple is all about seamless integration with the cloud as an invisible background element, rather than being intimately aware of it.  This sets up an interesting contrast with Google.”
Scott Francis

From the BPM Forum

“There is no doubt that the Internet of Things represents a great moment for BPM.”
Brian Reale

“By taking the captured data and applying it directly to processes we can significantly enhance the value of IoT devices.”
Peter Whibley

“Processes exist to transform things. If you don't define what is to be transformed and what you want it to look like when you're done, then you're designing a process for process' sake.”
John Tesmer

“The answers re: "goals first, objectives, etc" are all valid - but isn't that part of how you define the process (it is for me)?”
Scott Francis

“What comes first is not the process nor the data but goals and outcomes. They decide what content is needed.”
Max Pucher

“Data is a measurement of the old process, not the new one.”        
Peter Johnston

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