BPM Quotes of the Week - June 15, 2016

"In order to modernize in SSA, Klopp said he believes the agency must rethink its business processes and change the way it engages with its citizens. 'We need to understand the business rules and business processes that’re embedded in these legacy systems and just rewrite them,' Klopp said, rather than continuing to rework them."
-Amanda Ziadeh

"The second overlooked success factor: Investing money in the bad team that is failing. How often have we all seen budget siphoned from a team that is succeeding and creating value, in order to prop up the budget of a team that is failing and sucking value out of the organization? it isn’t helping you invest in the good team that is winning and creating value."
-Scott Francis

"A lot of current digitization efforts are to bridge/hide the complexity of existing legacy systems rather than actual digital transformation."
-Sandy Kemsley

From the BPM Forum

"Ultimately, IT's role is to make the process solution 'real'. Without access to the right data and the proper services, a process solution is just a really good checklist."
-John Reynolds

What Role Should IT Play in BPM? "Supporter and enabler, not driver. But with cloud & low-code apps they often become innocent bystanders."
-Ian Gotts

"In today's world you can't imagine how processes are executed without IT, but it starts with really knowing the process and being clear in what you want to automate."
-Michel van den Hoven

"From the enterprise point of view, an IT department is the 'most' enterprise-wide function because other supporting functions has lesser impact on the enterprise functioning."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"I have a pet theory on this. Countries that are more socialistic tend to 'get' BPM considerably more than capitalistic countries. I think that socialist countries tend to see the value in the long run, and can get the different business silos to give up a little bit of immediate need/pain relief for the greater good."
-Rachel Brennan

"Cost of labor often dictates the interest in BPM for solving problems. Ie, is it cheaper to throw more people at a problem or to automate the simple stuff or build a streamlined process for people to leverage?"
-Scott Francis