BPM Quotes of the Week - July 8, 2016

"The Internet of Everything combines IoT with people and process to achieve an outcome. It's great that a connected thermostat can transmit the current temperature, but we may need human interaction to dictate what room temperature is comfortable for us. We also need the process that determines how the human, the thermostat, and the air conditioner all work together to get to that comfortable room temperature."
-Charlie Martin, Director in Cisco Advanced Services

"AI is not sort of magic pixie dust that makes these problems go away. All it does is automate a human’s poorly defined goals with all the assumptions and biases therein."
-Jonathan Koren

"The Practice of Business Process Management, (or simply Process Management) is based on the principle that the act of knowing your business processes has value in and of itself."
-Joshua King

"Customer Journey Mapping is THE starting point for improving the customer experience"
-Neil Ward-Dutton

From the BPM Forum

"BPM (as a trio: discipline, tool and practices/architecture) is the essential component of any Corporate Unified Business Execution (CUBE) platform. Only with BPM it is possible to achieve synergy between diversity of business and uniformity of tools/services."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"I see tomorrow's 'business platform' differently. Figuratively, things are only going to run in the cloud and in your hand. Process management is merely one functional component of that total business solution. Other peer components are decision management and analytics of many kinds. Let's not forget all the services that one could leverage from a mobile process."
-George Chast

"Is BPM going to rip out the existing systems and replace them? probably not. Is it going to overlay them? more probable. Will the solution actually be something that walks like BPM and sounds like BPM but labels itself something else - more probable, in my mind."
-Scott Francis

What Are the Most Inefficient Processes That Many Companies Still Rely On? "Any processes that suffer from yet another new set of compliancy or regulatory rules. I have never seen (in my entire career) so many spreadsheet driven workarounds as with these."
-Walter Bril

What Are the Most Inefficient Processes That Many Companies Still Rely On? "Financial industry, everything associated with buying and selling a house - mortgage lending, loan underwriting, title insurance, escrow. They're still doing it the way they did forty years ago."
-Patrick Lujan

"Efficiency isn't necessarily the golden ring of business process. In many case (most, I'd venture), the key metric is user experience. As it turns out, folks who are really good at designing efficient processes aren't always good at designing great user experiences, and vice versa."
-E. Scott Menter

"The most inefficient can be many, but i like to mention the Project Management area in a lot of companies, where everything seems to be managed as unique one-off activities, with a big waste factor, and actually a lot in that can be managed as a process. (Yes you know them, those big IT hobbyhorse projects, with a compelling (read non achievable) business case."
-Michel van den Hoven