BPM Quotes of the Week - July 24, 2017

Neil Ward-Dutton"There's a new wave of automation breaking, and process application platforms are only one piece of the technology that need to be considered."
-Neil Ward-Dutton

"Businesses that are investing in IoT today will fundamentally change how they do business as the effects will be felt across the entire organization for years. As IoT becomes ubiquitous it will be more personal and predictive and merge the physical world and the virtual world."
-Chris Wilder

"Today's corporate leaders must realize that they need to disrupt or risk being disrupted. Those who are not yet thinking about how they will innovate with new approaches leveraging technology are at risk."
-John Newton

From the BPM Forum

What Are the Key Ways Processes Can Hinder the Customer Service Experience? "When you see processes as something internal, separated from something like the customer journey."
-Emiel Kelly

"Processes hinder the Customer Service Experience whenever they require hand off from one CSR to another."
-John Reynolds

What Are the Key Ways Processes Can Hinder the Customer Service Experience? "Processes without an explicit participant CUSTOMER."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"Two ways processes can hinder the customer service experience: a) when your processes are unable to accommodate inreach. b) when your processes are unable to accommodate outreach."
-Karl Walter Kierstead

"It will be interesting to see how RPA ends up being positioned when it comes to BPM as a discipline. One could argue that the robots are temporal stepping stones towards a proper systemic integration between an application and the process (Excel and Sales process, for example)."
-Kay Winkler

"RPA players have uncovered a quick way to sell BPM to large companies by not changing legacy systems... and the large BPM guys that have been left behind are simply buying those customers, by buying the corresponding RPA players."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"I had been wondering what would be aggregated into BPM next as that is the kind of space it appears to be - looks like RPA is it."
-Scott Francis