BPM Quotes of the Week - July 21, 2015

"To Be Customer-Obsessed, Firms Must Also Be Technology-Obsessed"
-Ted Schadler

Even if you do get your organisation wholeheartedly embracing digital from its head down to its toes… if it’s still fundamentally still doing the wrong thing (because nobody has really looked at the big picture of the service need properly) then what you’re doing may be worse than doing nothing at all.
-Neil Ward-Dutton

From the BPM Forum

“More like CRM needs some BPM to make customer service more than just responding to tickets and maintaining a database. There's more to customer relationships than data entry.”
-Scott Francis

“BPM, again is IMO a great and fundamental base where *a lot* of acronyms and performance / quality improvement methods can benefit from... CRM is (just) one of those acronyms.”
-Walter Bril

“CRM as a practice is an increasingly inapropriate way to build a sustainable business.”
-Bogdan Nafornita

“Information is not free and the economics of relationship management cost needs to be considered in systems design. Better design and better #economics contributes to network success!”
-John Morris

“An inefficient process is not a bad process as long as it does what it promises. So to me the worst processes are the ones that deliver results nobody needs. Those processes that go by 'we've been doing that since ages and to be honest, I don't know why.'”
-Emiel Kelly

What Is Often the Worst Process in a Company? “Process for implementation of process-centric solutions.”
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

“By far the worst process is the one for evolving processes. Imagine that you've done the perfect process. You start it rolling. Generate oceans of useful data - process times, latency, utilisations, redundancies. Suddenly you have 10 times more data than you had when you first designed it. With ten times the data, you'll design a better process, surely. Then start doing some AB testing to clear up all those areas where you weren't sure what was best. And some load testing to make sure you have capacity and resilience, without wasting resource. But our process for evolving processes is broken.”
-Peter Johnston

What Is Often the Worst Process in a Company? "The one no one uses because it's too complex, or it's cousin, the one you need to have a personal SME walk through the process with you (in real time) because it's so complex.”
-Amy Barth