BPM Quotes of the Week - July 13, 2015

“If the CIO isn't focused on the customer, then tech is letting the rest of the business down.”
-Mark Samuels

From the BPM Forum

“BPM is the pill to take to cure the affliction - getting rid of the mundane, boring, repetitive stuff we hate and call work. If our BPM is good enough, work simply ceases to exist.”
-Peter Johnston

“The trick, as always, will be to use the data retrieved from these sensors to drive business applications. That's where BPM will continue to be what it always has been: a soldering iron, bonding systems of record, real time business data, and process to create emergent applications, continuously sensing and responding to changing business conditions.”
-E. Scott Menter

“Yesterday it was all about mobile, social and cloud. Today is apparently all about drones, wearable and virtual. The main issue is: can these tools be integrated to processes end-to-end?”
-Maria Paz

“A good implementation. Success breeds success, garners advocacy, attracts interest, gathers and promotes interest. Do it right coming out of the gate and they will come. Do it wrong and it gets badmouthed for the duration.”
-Patrick Lujan

What Are the Keys to BPM Scalability? “First, establish a global architecture of processes as basis for a business transformation.”
-Jose Camacho

“If you want to scale out your BPM project to the rest of the organisation then it must be architectured that BPM is a core pillar for digital transformation of your organisation.”
-Dr. Alexander Samarin