BPM Quotes of the Week - July 12, 2016

Process mapping is an important precedent activity for knowledge mapping because it ensures that knowledge links to the way people work. A knowledge map can explicitly denote the knowledge needed for successful business process completion, as well as the gaps in knowledge and connections that should be addressed as part of process improvement."
-Ken Hayman

"I’m a big fan of going deep with a slight modification – taking on more than one process solution at once. After all, there is a real cost to software and the hardware it runs on, and there’s a time value of money. Taking on a few different types of problems accelerates organizational adoption, learning, and takes away the concern that one successful project is a one-off or a unicorn."
-Scott Francis

From the BPM Forum

"BPM is just what you do as an organization. Every day. So the value is still 'deliver what you promise to your customers'"
-Emiel Kelly

"I don't see the value proposition of BPM changing significantly in terms of its defined niche but we probably need another ten years for corporations to become aware of the capabilities of BPM and to start using BPM."
-Karl Walter Keirstead

"I usually find that businesses will start off by dabbling in the traditional BPM area then grow into the second set (BPM for digitization) after they have a few of the traditional processes managed well."
-Rachel Brennan

"The proposition for BPM MUST change if the full potential of the approach and technology is going to be realised. What BPM actually does probably doesn't need to change much, as per the earlier comments. But 'BPM' is a tainted term. It is seen as tactical, boring & necessary evil."
-Ian Gotts

"What's new is better BPM execution engines (I know at least one) where the math of the process graph can be resolved fast enough to allow any reasonable workflow. That freedom-to-specify combined with executable BPMN gets rid of the roundtrip and programming issues (which are killers for the business case and for business enthusiasm)."
-John Morris