BPM Quotes of the Week - July 11, 2017

"In an environment characterized by advanced process automation capabilities and new digital process design opportunities, a purely reactive and problem-driven approach to BPM is no longer sufficient. Instead, BPM needs to become ambidextrous, i.e., it must leverage digital technologies for both streamlining and innovating business processes."
-Kerpedzhiev, König, Röglinger, Rosemann

"According to Forrester, process improvement has officially evolved. It’s now seen by the market as the on-ramp for digital transformation."

"There's a lot of processes that have to be testable, that you've got to be able to show a regulator and to show yourself that you've tested it and proven it. If you've got an algorithm that is constantly changing on something that is related to life and limb it is going to be harder to just trust the black box."
-Jim Fowler CIO General Electric

From the BPM Forum

"AI will change everything."
-Karl Walter Kierstead

"What a fantastic future we can look forward to. AI will accelerate the automation of inefficient processes. AI and automation ONLY come before discovery and simplification in the dictionary."
-Ian Gotts

"AI stuff isn't intuitive for businesses (or almost anybody else). What can it do? How would it apply to my business? Can I trust decisions made by AI engines, and how can I vet those decisions before taking action (or do I even need bother to do so)?"
-E. Scott Menter

"While I agree that AI is an important component for Business Process Management (most likely starting with business analysis and improvements), I doubt that AI will become the trigger to start and obtain automation for companies that never have done anything comparable in the past."
-Kay Winkler

"BPM has always been 'too much tech' -- especially because of the round-trip problem and the intermixing of technical and business logic."
-John Morris

"I've found that most BPM tech projects devolve into Just Another Custom Application Project because they do focus too narrowly on 'the automation of work' rather than on being able to 'adapt the automation to changing business needs'."
-John Reynolds

"Isn't the purpose of all IT (not just BPM tech) the automation of work of one kind or another?"
-Neil Ward-Dutton

"Let's not exclude ability of tech to provide unique insights, to shorten the time between insight and action, to support more quality in decision-making activities."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"The line between people and tech is thinner every day. You may not differentiate a tech solution than a people solution because the second nearly always, involves a lot of tech."
-Juan J Moreno

"People, Process, Data... you can't have one without the others."
-Craig Willis

What's More Important to the Digital Business Platform: Process or Data? "Two sides of same coin. Processes consume and create data. Events/state changes can instantiate processes. Metadata and real-time state can drive processes."
-Dave Duggal

"Data comes first. Proof of this is some companies with no formal processes manage to stay in business."
-Karl Walter Keirstead

"Process and Content Services are both needed to build a complete digital business app. And I would a add third element, Governance Services, which is becoming increasingly important, especially in regulated sectors like finance, health care, and government."
-Gregory Melahn

What's More Important to the Digital Business Platform: Process or Data? "Architecture, by definition."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin