BPM Quotes of the Week - July 11

“Adoption is the hidden problem. People put a lot of time and energy into working collaboratively with the stakeholders to build great processes. They link them with documents and metrics and systems...But come back a year later and it is, too often, in a slow decline. Creating a sustainable platform for continuous process improvement is surprisingly difficult.”
Mike Gammage

“Process Mining is a fascinating discipline (and technology category). In theory it’s a business improvement tool with very wide applicability that can deliver really significant benefits in very clear, easy-to-understand ways...In practice, though, although the technology has been available (and widely researched) for a decade or so, it’s still something which has a surprisingly low profile in industry.”
Neil Ward-Dutton

“You shall not kill workflow instances. You must allow built-in solutions for human errors. Instead of rolling back a workflow instance, allow users or administrators to terminate instances as part of the process. Plan for errors!”
Adam Deane

“As organizations try to assist or automate work streams, multiple styles of case come in handy as tools in the process & case tool box. It is rare today to have only one style of case and process type and it is even rarer to find one vendor that can support all styles, but it's is happening in ACM and other intelligent business process management systems.”
Jim Sinur

From the BPM Forum

“You definitely need BPM when you want to survive (cost containment), thrive (gain revenue) or capitalize (out innovate your competitors).”
Jim Sinur

“Now more than ever before Process Management is the answer to Strategy Execution - moving good ideas into action fast and with certainty.”
Peter Franz

“Even if you know you have to make big changes (with BPM), you still have to start small, gain experience, and use initial successes as investments (in employees, customers, and systems) toward larger goals.”
Stephen Zisk

“You Know You Really Need BPM When...you ask the client who's driving the bus and they answer, ‘What bus?’"
Patrick Lujan

“You need BPM when ... you cannot evolve your business as fast as you want.”
Alexander Samarin

“You know you really need BPM when every day you do a lot of things that could have been eliminated or reduced to minimum.”
Michael Rykiert

“#1 BPM myth is that BPM as a discipline is synonymous with BPM the software.”
Jason Noker

The biggest BPM Myth…”That DCM (Dynamic Case Management) and BPMS are two different applications because BPMS is too inflexible to manage cases.”
Mary Sempere

“BPM(S) is a practice and technology(ies) both. It's business and IT both, collaboration. The IT part is not a means in and of itself, but an end to a means, namely to align with and support the business.”
Patrick Lujan

“IT is a necessary part of BPM because IT is a necessary part of everything we do. Part of the reason for the original comment is that IT has traditionally been too influential in BPM, driving toward what is easily automatable, instead of toward what is right for business.”
Keith Swenson

“BPM normally requires a technology purchase, so IT is in the driving seat from procurement through to installation. Rarely does the business have enough IT knowledge to be able to get themselves firmly in the driving seat, and instead abdicate responsibility. Only when that changes can IT be put back where they need to be - a support function.”
Ian Gotts

“IT's role is to design, implement, and maintain technologies that exist solely for the purpose of advancing some business goal.”
E. Scott Menter

“BPM...should start at the end; what promise should this process fulfill? And then you can decide how to design the process and what kind of IT (along with all the other enablers you need).”
Emiel Kelly

“A BPM process should be the easy way to do things, not the long, hard, expensive way. It should be the default for every business process and unify web, sales and support.”
Peter Johnston

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