BPM Quotes of the Week - January 26, 2016

“The digital economy is bigger than you think. Much bigger. Some call it the Second Machine Age. The Germans refer to it as Industry 4.0. In Davos, the World Economic Forum has crowned it the Fourth Industrial Revolution. No one is playing down the future impact of digital. But there is a danger that many are underestimating its prevalence today.”
-Bruno Berthon

From the BPM Forum

Will 2016 Be the Year of the Process? “Of course. But it will come, as always, in disguise. As the hype of 2016 will not be process, but the Blockchain. Way sexier. So, we'll see headlines with that phrase way more often than the phrase ‘process’.”
-Walter Brill

“What I see today is a gradual shift in the business sector/knowledge work from BPM to ACM/BPM. This in no way diminishes BPM, it's just that end-to-end processes, with objectives conveniently parked at an end-point, are getting harder to find.”
-Karl Walter Keirstead

“The question is whether or not you make processes important. And that's a thing companies may decide theirselves.”
-Emiel Kelly

“BPM as a complex ‘endeavour’ has many stakeholders involved and each group of stakeholders has their concerns. Thus BPM requires a systemic way to explain to each group of stakeholders how their concerns will be addressed and how their current working practices will be changed for the better.”
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

“Just like most companies, start-ups don't think they need BPM. However, unlike most companies, start-up actively avoid BPM…”
-Bogdan Nafornita

“Most startups face two contradictory impulses when it comes to processes. On the one hand, one of their main advantages over larger established companies is that they can 'do things that don't scale'...On the other hand startups are extremely short-staffed and need to be hyper-efficient, especially as they find product-market fit and start to scale. It is in this latter phase that some startups start making mistakes.”
-Ranjit Notani

“Defining processes are easier when you are smaller, so why put it off? You are going to have to do it some day. Do it today and start getting the benefits.”
-Ian Gotts