BPM Quotes of the Week - January 25, 2017

"The development of IT-solutions does not keep pace with the changing business architectures and the total cost of ownership of IT-systems for enterprises is high. These problems cannot be solved unless we change the approach to the design and use of business architecture."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin & Oleg Zaharchuk

"WHY and WHAT of the processes don’t change so quickly. HOW and WHO do."
-Michel van den Hoven

From the BPM Forum

"Digital Business Platform = system of experiences (portal) + system of engagement (process/case engine) + system of records (erp) + system of insights (bi)"
-Bogdan Nafornita

"The basic idea of BPMS is still great & valid: To cover the whole BPM lifecycle from modeling to automation to reporting. However, if you look at the feature/functionality focus of BPMS products today, customers often perceive them as 'application development platforms' or even middleware, i.e. a technical platform that IT people use to build applications. Unfortunately, the business user community only plays a small role in this picture."
-Gero Decker

"Process is essential to digital along with other forms of work management."
-Jim Sinur

"The fundamental mission of BPMS system is to stay on top level of enterprise IT hierarchy and streamline enterprise operations from a business viewpoint. Exactly for this reason, it is unlikely that BPMS as such will be ever able to become a universal digital business platform for process execution."
-Boris Zinchenko

"Corporate Unified Business Execution (CUBE) platform. BPM-suite tools is an essential component of such a platform to enable agile/extreme delivery of solutions. If BPM done correctly then a lot of existing 'enterprise' applications are implemented as a set of processes."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"My fear is that BPM via BPMS-embedded-in-DBP will be second rate BPM, with all the attendant frustrations and sub-optimizations with which the BPM community is familiar."
-John Morris

Is the BPM Industry Ready for a Next 'Round' of Standardization?

"We all know that the current generation of BPM technology hints a greatness, but leaves our clients hungry for more. Business Agility is still our goal, and we've caught glimpses of it, but it's still to hard to reach it."
-John Reynolds

"History shows that standardisation has a negative effect on promoting evolution to a mature even commoditization of any product and this certainly applies to enterprise software!"
-David Chassels

"BPMN did a great job at creating a standardization across the board even if some of the new platforms don't use it. If the market can collectively look inward a solve a pressing need, then standardization is always a good option. Hell, that's what good process is all about isn't it? Creating a standard ways for a business to do things?"
-Zachary Kelemen

"Not sure we've recovered from the last round."
-E. Scott Menter