BPM Quotes of the Week - January 20, 2017

"The ability to connect and manage all assets, products, employees and customers globally, like a network, has not really ever been possible or feasible, as well. Why is this important? Because we are definitively in the era of the platform."
-Alberto Manuel

"Artificial Intelligence can be leveraged quickly for business strategy by seeking out important patterns inside and outside an organization, assisting with strategic moves and suggest the proper actions to either take advantage of a situation or avoid a potential risk."
-Jim Sinur

From the BPM Forum

"As soon as you have figured out if you still have a valid reason for existence, you might want to look at your current processes and conclude you need to (process) reengineer your shop big time."
-Walter Bril

"A digital business architecture is comprised of a sum of digital: 1. experiences (interfaces) 2. engagements (processes) 3. records (data) 4. insights (analytics)"
-Bogdan Nafornita

"What makes a business a 'digital business' is the electronic connections between and among its processes. If all you've done is automated processes that were heretofore done analogly (if digitally is a word, so should analogly), without connecting them to other digital processes, then you haven't really accomplished much."
-Jonathan Yarmis

"I think process is essential to digital along with other forms of work management, AI, algorythms, big data, advanced visualizations, robotic programming, model driven, integration, IoT, application components and smart process apps. The form of processes will be different than we have know them in the past, but they will be the key glue for business outcomes."
-Jim Sinur

"The best technology on which to build a digital business is BPM automation technology. BPM automation technology is purpose-built to automate the business processes which are the core of the work of business. Build your digital business on BPM automation technology and increase the probability of your success."
-John Morris

"The driving force for initiatives (e.g. BPM) should come from functional units, not the office of CIO. Functional units are likely to be more responsive to strategic initiatives than traditional IT."
-Karl Walter Keirstead