BPM Quotes of the Week - January 19, 2015

“A sales manager can’t wait nine months for the dev team to add a new component to an app. BPM solutions increasingly offer code-free development functions that empower workers to customize mobile apps and maximize the value of such solutions.”
Joshua Hoffman

“The deceptive part of process improvement is that you think you are only going to get one benefit, but more times than not it is a set of benefits that flow out of having the better processes.”
Jim Sinur

From the BPM Forum

“Happily ‘Analysis Paralysis’, the desire to discover, design, document and debate process automation systems, has been replaced by agile implementations that start as prototypes and evolve fast into critical business systems.”
Kevin Parker

What Parts of BPM are Dead? “The idea that every process can be managed 'standardized with a workflow tool' -> No that's just one type of managing a process.”
Emiel Kelly

“A typical situation in an enterprise is that the human activities can be classified as 50 % intellectual, 20% verification and 30% administrative...The deployment of the BPM can improve the enterprise business system, typically over a few years time frame, with the following breakdown of human activities: substantial reduction in verification activities and elimination of all administrative activities.”
Dr. Alexander Samarin

“Not everyone in the future will be a knowledge worker... And that is a good thing.”
Filipe Pinho Pereira

"There will soon be only two types of people - those who tell computers what to do, and those who are told what to do by computers."
Peter Johnston

“I predict radical change in working patterns in the next 20 years, more and more ‘thinking’ by machines, encroaching on once sacrosanct human careers. I'm looking forward to the first fully automated divorce attorney.”
Nicholas Kitson

“For the worker, the challenge is how to become indispensable over and over again.”
Alberto Manuel